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Whether you are designing a completely new system or redesigning a product, Centronix Solutions Inc. can help you meet your objectives. All products are engineered with manufacturability in mind to make for a seamless transition to production. Our engineers will implement turnkey designs per your specifications, or work as an integrated part of your engineering team. Some of our electronics design applications include:

- Military and Aerospace System.
- Motion & Servo Controls.
- Industrial Interfaces.
- Digital Signal Processors.
- Power Supplies and Controllers.
- RFID System.
- Instrumentation.
- Communications Interfaces.
- Robotics.
- Embedded System Design.

PCB Layouts

Centronix Solutions Inc. provides PC board design services that respond to our customer’s time critical needs. We can augment your existing PC board design team or provide your total PC design capability. Our designers are highly implementing challenging designs on a daily basis utilizing state-of-the-art software package, allowing our engineers to design PCB with the highest complexity, the fastest turn around and precision. Our PCB Layout capabilities include:

- Double Sided & Multilayer Designs.
- Radial Layouts and Non-standard Geometries.
- STM, Thru Hole, Hybrid boards.
- BGAs.
- Digital, Analog, RF, Power, Mixed Technologies.
- High Speed/High Density/Fine Pitch.
- Impedance Control.
- Matched Line Lengths.
- Differential Pairs.
- High Current.
- Flex Circuits.